GAME: Getting Real With The Play Of Life

What would change if we realised that the self we think we are is not and has never been who we are?

What would fall away if we realised that reality, as it appears, is a spectacular state-of-the-art virtual reality, formed through the lens of the self?

This mini-book, GAME, lightheartedly explores the made up nature of self, the resulting apparent reality and love, freedom, peace and joy that the Game obscures.

A fresh and innovative approach to a difficult subject.

This is an amazing little book, which I can’t recommend strongly enough. I love how innovative and fresh Clare Dimond’s approaches a very difficult subject. She brings clarity to a field that is often repetitive and stale. If you are intrigued by non-duality, then you need to buy and read and, most importantly, test the point of view described in this gem of a book.

About Clare

Professional Coach

Clare spent many years investigating all types of self help until she encountered the work of Syd Banks and non-duality. The search for security and worth ended in the realisation that the self is only ever a momentary belief and reality only ever appears as a function of that belief. She has written five books and runs monthly on-line  programmes exploring this understanding in relation to identity, work, free-will, relationships, addiction and mental health. She lives in Marlborough with her daughter and son.