The Inspired Leaders programme:

For the financial health, integrity and market-leadership of your business

This is a bespoke programme designed specifically for senior directors to help them lead from a place of clarity, inspiration and insight.

It will help them continually tap into the source of fresh thinking that can:

  • transform their connection with employees, clients and suppliers
  • help them access their highest form of ideas, intelligence and inspired thinking
  • find their own innate creative, expansive and engaging way of leading live, work and prosper from their own natural well-being, free from stress and anxiety
  • free them to bring their whole presence into every situation

Depending on requirements, the programme can include workshops for the senior team and individual executive coaching.

A typical programme would last six months and would cost approximately £4000 per leader.



The Flourishing Business programme:

For the well-being, effectiveness and creativity of your employees

Stress is costing US and UK companies over $300 billion a year.

This programme will be designed for maximum impact within your business, division or team to:

  • help all employees live and work from the place of their innate well-being, creativity and clarity.
  • make stress a thing of the past in your organisation
  • improve levels of understanding, compassion and engagement
  • help individuals distinguish the fresh ideas and inspiration that will move your business forward

The programme can include workshops and training days for directors and teams, webinars, content for internal communications – videos, articles, posters, daily reminders, coaching groups or individuals.

A typical programme would last six months and would cost approximately £1500 per employee.

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