What is blocking or weighing down your expression?

For decades I battled an abject fear of speaking in public.

I did EVERYTHING to try to be more confident and assured. But all the measures I took were just making the whole thing worse. At the same time, of course, I was saying yes when I really meant no. I was hyper sensitive to criticism or rejection and to how I came across.

I felt restricted and held back.

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘yes’ when really your whole being is saying a definite ‘no’?

Or ‘no’ to invitations and opportunities because of insecurity and fear of getting something wrong?

Ever find yourself going silent in work or relationships or conversely talking out of discomfort and awkwardness?

Ever think there is a creativity and expression within you that is being muted in some way? 

Ever feel a bit congested or stuck, that all your reading, watching, listening (input) isn’t matched by an equivalent creativity (output)…?

Or that you feel depleted and exhausted, that your output isn’t being nourished and replenished? In other words that you haven’t found your flow of expression? 

Ever struggle to ask for what you want?

Or find yourself offering to help but then being annoyed when the offer is taken up?

Ever find yourself pretending or telling half truths or outright lies because you can’t see any other option?

Ever felt that the truth of you is hidden under layers of pleasing others, doing the right thing or faking happiness?

As someone who had a severe fear of public speaking and an addiction to pleasing for decades, I now host webinars with ease, talk to the camera with no hesitation, and have turned an insecurity into a positive impact.

So what does this really mean?

Nobody knows how truly debilitating it is to have a voice inside you that is yearning to be heard – except you.  Becuase each voice is different.  You might be naturally shy,or have what you think may be an irrational fear of public speaking, or maybe you feel like you have so much to give in what you can say, but need to be heard.  And I mean really heard.  To know that when you speak, that your words don’t feel like they are disipating into thin air…

Can you imagine how that would feel?

What if I told you that all of this changed for me when I grasped this one, simple understanding.  And once I grasped onto that – everything changed.  I was able to not only overcome my fear of speaking in public, but so many other obstacles that I was battling against in my marriage, in my parenting of my 2 beautiful children, in my relationships with peers and colleagues…

If you have read this far then I ask you to bear with me, and just close your eyes.  Picture yourself now – confidently speaking in public, saying no to another commitment that you really don’t have time for and being perfectly ok with that, finding the words to communicate effectively with a loved one without struggle and without an inward battle, no longer feeling underminded by colleagues at work, or even by a spouse or partner at home…feel that weight lift from your shoulders and see that this can be you.

Come Join Us In November for ‘VOICE’

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  • honesty and pretence
  • boundaries and self protection
  • risk and security
  • learning and authority
  • feedback and criticism
  • leadership and authenticity
  • creativity, replenishment and sustainability

What’s Included?

  • 10 recordings (one every three days)
  • 5 webinars every Monday at 8-9pm GMT in November (All calls are recorded and sent out immediately afterwards)
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Join us for ‘VOICE’ on-line in November, an in-depth course looking at YOUR EXPRESSION IN THE WORLD.


So Who Is Clare?


I think my public speaking phobia began in infant school when dressed as a witch on stage I said ‘smell’ instead of ‘spell’  and the whole class laughed. Who knows whether that was it. I just know that for decades I was absolutely terrified of saying anything in public, of even being mentioned in public. I would blush intensely at the slightest attention. I was awkward. Sulky. Frustrated.  Terrified of being noticed, of disapproval, of getting things wrong, of being shamed in some way.  

And my life’s hobby became a study of how to feel better, how to be at ease in the world, how to be honest and real and not scared. 

I studied  psychology,  NLP,  hypnotism, yoga and meditation. I read every book and did every course. 

But nothing came close to the revelation that the idea of the self as separate, isolated and controlling is never going to sit right. That is where unease begins – with the self construct. And it is where it ends – with understanding, honouring and compassion for everything that led to that creation.

Every year I coach hundreds of people in returning to the sanity that is our birthright. In October and November, we will explore how this understanding is the liberation of our authentic being. Finally we are in touch with our own voice and it sounds good. 


Hi Clare,

You’re so in my heart today as I am suddenly having some big understanding open from all the conversations and courses I’ve been listening to over the past couple of years.

I have struggled with experiencing physical health challenges and feelings of depression and anxiety for a long time. These experiences have come and gone over the years but a year and a half ago I started a very difficult new job and these struggles were exacerbated hugely. I’ve been listening to courses on your site and your podcasts, reading books, doing yoga and meditating, getting energy work sessions, praying etc. The feelings have continued to be so intense and I’ve been missing work regularly.

Then just today, I saw something, the something you’ve been talking about in every course, podcast, and books, but I didn’t really get it until today. I really deeply saw that I have spent my entire life trying to get rid of these difficult experiences – even by listening to your messages. I believed that if I was more aligned with the knowledge of who I am, they would be relieved and I would live in increasing bliss of my true nature. But today I could just see them happening and I saw the insanity of all the years of effort to change what is. They may ease, but they may not and that’s what shifted in me.

The realization that knowing my true nature may not change a thing in my external experience was huge. Suddenly all the intense spinning of needing things to be healed or better could also ease…or not b/c ultimately that’s an external experience too. Strangely there is relief in knowing that the health struggles and difficult feelings could last my entire life, b/c suddenly the burden of needing to know how to fix my ‘brokeness’ can leave. I am really seeing that I am just life living. It’s pretty wild.

Thank you for your work and sharing what you’ve learned

Krissy Groom

Optional Extra:

Submliminal Recording.

There is an option to get a subliminal recording with this package for an additional cost of £197.  If you would like to explore that option, please email clare@claredimond.com.

“Dear Clare, I wanted to write to you for a long time to thank you for the subliminal. It shifted so much for me. I keep listening to your podcasts but I feel that the real shift came through the subliminal. I cannot even put in words what it did for me and how much things have changed.”

Ines Anderegg