STRESS – Getting Real with Challenge

Join us on-line in July for an in-depth look at getting real with challenge.

Stress is costing the global economy an estimated $180 billion and is increasingly recognised as the integral cause or trigger of disease.

So we think the answer is to avoid stress… and in that avoidance our world gets smaller, our capacity shrinks and, in fact, the threat of stress looms larger. 

The way through is to understand what stress really is. To see what is really at stake when the body goes into its fight and flight response. 

Because stress, when understood, is the gateway to freedom, health, creative expansion and possibility in a way that we may never have previously experienced. 
The course will include:

-A recording every 3 days and different practical exercises and suggestions to develop a clearer, healthier and more expansive understanding of the stresses in our lives.

-The on-going option to ask any questions – the responses will be via the podcast so that everyone on the course can benefit from the question.

-A possibility to have a one to one recorded call for the group (Five slots available)

-Four 1-hour webinars on Mondays 20.00-21.00 BST.

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who would like to…

~understand more about stress and where it comes from
~live more authentically, peacefully and with more freedom

~reverse the narrowing of life and experience that stress can create

~address stress at its origin and not just try to avoid it or numb it
~explore and honour all elements of the system involved in stress – mind, body, brain, self, environment, relationships…



So Who Is Clare? 


Ever since my gym teacher through a netball at me and said ‘You are a wet prune Clare Dimond’ when I missed it / ducked, it would be fair to say my life has been a master study of stress from the perspective of someone who flinched at everything life threw at her whether small or massive….

And then the study of stress from a less personal, more professional perspective. My psychology degree thesis was on burn-out. Qualifications as an NLP and hypnotism trainer and yoga and meditation teacher helped reveal how stress can be, to some degree, mitigated or dampened down. 

But nothing came close to the revelation that the idea of the self as separate, isolated and controlling IS stress. That is where stress begins – with the self construct. And it is where it ends – with understanding, honouring and compassion for everything that led to that creation. 

Every year I coach hundreds of people in returning to the sanity that is our birthright. In July, we will explore how stress is pointing the way home. 


Hi Clare,

You’re so in my heart today as I am suddenly having some big understanding open from all the conversations and courses I’ve been listening to over the past couple of years.

I have struggled with experiencing physical health challenges and feelings of depression and anxiety for a long time. These experiences have come and gone over the years but a year and a half ago I started a very difficult new job and these struggles were exacerbated hugely. I’ve been listening to courses on your site and your podcasts, reading books, doing yoga and meditating, getting energy work sessions, praying etc. The feelings have continued to be so intense and I’ve been missing work regularly.

Then just today, I saw something, the something you’ve been talking about in every course, podcast, and books, but I didn’t really get it until today. I really deeply saw that I have spent my entire life trying to get rid of these difficult experiences – even by listening to your messages. I believed that if I was more aligned with the knowledge of who I am, they would be relieved and I would live in increasing bliss of my true nature. But today I could just see them happening and I saw the insanity of all the years of effort to change what is. They may ease, but they may not and that’s what shifted in me.

The realization that knowing my true nature may not change a thing in my external experience was huge. Suddenly all the intense spinning of needing things to be healed or better could also ease…or not b/c ultimately that’s an external experience too. Strangely there is relief in knowing that the health struggles and difficult feelings could last my entire life, b/c suddenly the burden of needing to know how to fix my ‘brokeness’ can leave. I am really seeing that I am just life living. It’s pretty wild.

Thank you for your work and sharing what you’ve learned

Krissy Groom

Optional Extra:

Submliminal Recording.

There is an option to get a subliminal recording with this package for an additional cost of £197.  If you would like to explore that option, please email

“Dear Clare, I wanted to write to you for a long time to thank you for the subliminal. It shifted so much for me. I keep listening to your podcasts but I feel that the real shift came through the subliminal. I cannot even put in words what it did for me and how much things have changed.”

Ines Anderegg