REAL Private Study

REAL private study

A 30 day exploration into who we are and who we are not.

This is the foundation private study class which forms the basis to all others available through this website. It is a thorough introduction to the thought and belief created nature of the self and to the absolutes of true nature that are revealed as that limited idea becomes less and less compelling.

You will receive a daily email with audio, video and written materials from Clare plus specially chosen materials from the best teachers in this area. The course includes past one to one recorded conversations with participants on the live programmes as well as webinars for you to experience the exploration in action.


The course addresses questions such as:

Discussing questions such as:

Who am I really?

What is actually real in my world?

Am I this body or am I something else?

Am I in control of what I do?

Where do motivation and commitment come from?

What is the basis of all relationships?

How do I live with more integrity?

How do I stop taking things personally?

How do I become peaceful?

How do I stop feeling trapped?

How do I live a full life?

Price £45 for the full 30 day programme.

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