Relax Into The Truth Of Who You Are

Fall asleep. Wake up.

As you fall asleep, wake up to the truth of who you are.

There is nothing more relaxing than the realisation that stressful thoughts that seem so real are simply energy that comes and goes.

The clearer we see this, the more we relax into the knowledge of our innate creativity, well-being and intelligence.

Use the precious moments as your mind drifts off to sleep to remind yourself of this truth. Then, if you wake in the night, simply remind yourself again. Stressful thoughts are not reality. You have everything you need.

As we wake up to the truth, we look out into the world with clarity, security and curiosity. We realise we have everything we need to bring about what we are inspired to create.

The truth of who you are is the ultimate relaxation.

Relax Into The Truth Audio