WELL 30 day LIVE


Getting Real with mental and physical health

Join us for a month long interactive and live exploration of mental and physical health. Through conversations, webinars and daily emails we will look at what is real about the mind and body, health and illness. 
This course if for any one wishing to look more deeply into the nature of mental and physical health, illness, pain and suffering. It is for those who: 
  • have health issues themselves
  • have friends, family, colleagues or a partner with health issues
  • work in any area related to physical or mental health
  • are curious to explore illness and wellness
We will explore the role of thought, belief and identity in the creation of that reality. And we will also explore the danger and implications of denial or ‘spiritual bypass’ when reality is dismissed as being ‘just thought’. 
Through the month we will consider questions such as:
  • What is the reality of the body?
  • What is the reality of the mind?
  • What affects how the mind and body are perceived?
  • What is a healthy mind and body?
  • Can the understanding of who we are improve health?
  • Is misunderstanding detrimental to health?
  • Is there a risk of denial when talking about illness, thought and reality?
  • Can understanding help us in dealing with the health of loved ones? 
Webinars will be on Monday evenings throughout May : 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th. 
All attendees of the course are invited to set up one to one recorded conversations to explore any aspect in more depth.
The calls will be sent out to the group in May and possibly will form part of the private study version of the course. 

WELL 30 Day Live program