Everything changes as the mind settles into reality. 

Everything changes

Written by Clare Dimond

September 1, 2021

Everything changes as the mind settles into reality.

At the same time, nothing changes.

Of course – you wouldn’t expect this to be any other way by now surely?

Let’s look at them both.

On the one hand, of course it does. Everything changes. The whole programme running the experience, the behaviour is different. The system on which the software is running is changing from a belief in separation to the realisation of completeness, from fighting delusion to simply being.

But on the other hand, the self that would judge that as a good thing, that would make itself superior as a result, that would distinguish now between good and bad, is no longer believable.

Words like better or more successful or happier just don’t have that emotional personal pull anymore.

The judging, assessing self, had to dissolve in order for the software to change.

It is no longer personal. There is no identification with it. It doesn’t matter. Any experience can arise.

It is what is and it is also not what is.

It’s the ultimate transformation but there is no one there to judge it. And there might be comments of course but it will just be another experience, simply information.

The ultimate paradox. That desperate search ends and it doesn’t matter. It makes no difference. It never happened in the first place.



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