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We have a live course coming up – see the details below!


59 day Program

Two months to explore: 

  • why we are here


  • learning and how it can reveal or hide freedom and potential


  • the unique gifts of our being and how they become realised

Along the way we will consider questions such as

  • What makes you special?
  • Where does motivation come from?
  • Is there a difference between envy and inspiration? 
  • What prevents learning and what opens it up? 
  • Success and failure – what do they mean?
  • What if there is nothing I am good at? 

And explore intriguing topics such as: 

  • Why there is only one purpose for all of us… 
  • Why there is no difference between rejection and approval…
  • Why helping people doesn’t help…
  • Why true learning is firstly about unlearning…
  • How the idea of ‘getting out of our own way’ is what gets in the way…
  • Why an understanding of ‘no self’ and ‘no reality’ brings full immersion in the body, the world and the being…

Clare’s live programs are excellent – and amazing value!

Based on a topic, they have enough structure to give them focus, and enough flexibility that they aren’t held tightly to that. A richness of learning comes from this.

Clare also uses fresh content every month so it’s never a stale conversation from a previous time, and she responds to the questions and needs coming up in the group.

Incredible to have such a tailored service for a group programme.

Helen Amery

Wild Fig Solutions



                       Here’s what you need to know


-Recorded or written material will be sent out every 3 days over the course of the two months.


-Every Monday at 8-9pm UK time there will be a webinar to explore 

-You will have the opportunity to record a 1-2-1 with Clare – 15 slots available


-There is also the option to have a bespoke subliminal recording (on request) to accompany the course.

The subliminal will be written based on your answers to a questionnaire designed for the course.

It will be an audible sound of your choice (rain, nature sounds, waves or relaxing music) and below the consciously audible sounds will be a series of statements which reinforce, subconsciously, your purpose, expression and freedom in the world. You will be able to purchase these subliminal recordings on request for £197.  Further details on this will be in the Welcome email for the course.


The subliminals are absolutely works of art, created with such love.

I so appreciate everything that has gone in to their creation – wholly bespoke subliminal messages, with our own lives as the source material, overlayed with our own choice of nature soundtrack.

Truly amazing!

I imagine there will come a time when their work is done, when what was appearing real dissolves. Who knows how it happens and even when, but I will treasure their creation and their mysterious workings for ever.

Su Bray




now £197

  • Content to invoke fresh insight
  • Discussions every Monday.
  • Option to record 1-2-1 with Claire
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • option to purchase subliminal recording