GOLD : the treasure that money reveals

How much would you need in the bank to erase all financial worries?

What income would you need to never again have a thought about homelessness or poverty?

What investments would protect you from the outside world?

What lottery win or bonus pay-out would secure the happiness of you and your family?

What amount of money would mean you never again worried about being swindled, conned or rejected or isolated?

What salary would ensure you felt successful, respected by other people, like you had finally become someone or something?

Don’t bother answering. They are trick questions.

There is no amount of money that will erase all financial worries.

No income can prevent a thought of homelessness.

No investment will guarantee peace of mind.

No lottery win can secure happiness.

No amount of money prevents concerns about con artists and rejection.

No salary can make us feel successful.

It looks like it can, I know. It looks as though money is the answer to many of the problems we have. But of course, it is not.

There is no investment level or bonus payment that will create a secure state of mind or sense of what we are.

I know millionaires who wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat at the thought of losing it all. I had panic attacks thinking about homelessness while earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and owning four houses. I have a friend with a guaranteed 7 figure stipend for the next 10 years who is fixated on the terror of what will happen when it ends.  I have clients living lives of crazy luxury who cannot enjoy it because of how things might be in the future.

Where is the freedom to be found in money? We go on course that promise to turn us into millionaires, we read the books and yet here we are still exactly the same, same struggles, same limits.

This is because it is very very very very rare that any book or course on money addresses the fundamental truth about what it is and why the experience of it is fixed in place.

But when this starts to be seen… money becomes a portal to a whole other experience of what we are, what is real.

And it starts with the three things that all thoughts about money have in common:

All thoughts of money look unquestionably real. And the emotions that go with this experience can be deeply uncomfortable. This is the reality of money. It looks like there is no way round this.

All uncomfortable experiences of money have at their centre the image of ourselves in the past or the future. Ultimately this is about something happening to me or to mine.

The money thoughts look real and they relate to the idea of self because the idea of self and the idea of money were created at the same time. They both arise from the same insecurities, fear, shame, beliefs. They are both coming from an idea of the past or the future that has nothing to do with right now.

This is why there is no amount of money that will stop a thought of poverty. Just as having a relationship does not stop the thought of being alone. Just as having a house does not stop the thought of living in a cardboard box under a bridge. Just as having loved ones who are alive and well does not stop the thought of their dying.

Through thought there is an imagined experience of poverty or loneliness or homelessness or bereavement that is so vivid it seems absolutely real. We feel the devastation, the loneliness, the fear, the grief. We might cry or get goosebumps or start shaking. This is the incredible power of thought at work. It looks like these feelings are caused by our circumstances or by the people in our lives. They never are.

These thoughts are so powerful because they are the believed reality of what we are. And these beliefs come from the conditioned learning handed down through generations to create a lived experience of self and other.

The more resistance there is to the feelings, the more the story of limitation and separation is fixed in place. Round and round it goes with no escape.

Until it is realised that the suffering in relation to money is making that conditioning transparent. It is saying, ‘look self and money are the same creation. There is no separation between the two. They are the same’.

In this way, every bill, every client, every pay-check, every purchase, every conversation about finances is a healing space. All of it is making transparent what has been believed. That fear, shame and insecurity has nothing to do with the reality of what we are and everything to do with a learned idea.

Money reveals, the ultimate treasure: the truth of what we really are.

Pure gold.

On Wednesday 6th April 8pm BST we have a webinar to look at the only thing we need to know about money as we make our way in the world.








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