How are you doing?

Written by Clare Dimond

June 29, 2018

There was a report out recently about the signs that a person is doing really well in life. 

It included things like reaching a high level in your job, being a high earner, being married, having children, keeping yourself fit, eating well, having a clear vision, having people to whom you can delegate. 

But anyway, enough about Hitler. 

Let’s talk about you and me and how we really know how we are doing with our lives. 

Because let’s face it we can tick all the boxes of apparent outward success and kill 12 million people.

Or we can tick all the boxes and be Martin Luther King or Bill Gates. 

We can also tick none or only one or two of the boxes and be Mother Teresa or Buddha. 

Equally, we can tick none of the boxes and blow up trains full of people or believe ourselves so inadequate we should die. 

So the first obvious point to make is that ticking the boxes or not has zero to do with how we are doing in life. Zero. They say nothing. 

There is only one single question that has any relevance to how we are doing in life. 

Do you know who you are? 

Do you know that you are pure love, wealth, intelligence, security and freedom? That there is nothing you can do to not be? 

Or do you believe you are what you think you are? An isolated, separate being, here on earth to earth to find love, wealth, intelligence, security, joy and freedom? 

It is the answer to this question that determines whether the vehicles of your life—job, relationships, lifestyle, possessions—are the means in which you seek what you believe you need or the means through which you live who you know yourself to be. 

This is the only question that matters. 

Because when we don’t know who we are we seek to find it by changing the world or changing ourselves. 

And this search is desperate. 

We are seeking what deep beneath, hidden underneath the layers of insane beliefs, we vaguely remember. The drive to get back to that place is immense and blinding. Huge damage can be done in our frantic attempt to recreate it. 

When we know who we are then there is nothing to do, nothing to find, nothing to change, nowhere to get back to. And our resolve is unstoppable. Life and love, unobstructed by misunderstanding, are uncontainable.   

We are wealth itself, pure astonishing abundance. We are ridiculously rich whether on the streets or in a palace. When we know this, money is a game. It is fun. It flows in and out. We can do anything with it. We have as much or as little as we want. When we don’t know it we try to find the wealth we are by scraping and hovering. We believe it can be found in paper bills and electronic digits. 

We are intelligence itself, pure breath-taking intelligence. A miracle of synchronicity, insight and magic. When we know this, we explore, we are curious, we ask questions, we learn and listen. When we don’t we defend and talk over and preach. 

We are security itself. We have to be – as awareness itself, we are the whole world. There is nothing that anyone can do to take this away. When we know this, our nature is a rock-solid foundation for life. When we don’t, we control the world to secure ourselves, killing, firing and blocking as we see fit. 

We are joy itself. Causeless, reasonless, careless joy. When we know this we can grieve, weep and suffer knowing that all of it is there to be experienced. When we don’t the slightest sadness is intolerable.

We are love. When we know this every single person in our world is a reflection of this. And if it appears they are not, we get curious. We get to know ourselves better until they are. When we don’t we believe we have to be loved. We analyse words and body language and texts. We cling and manipulate. 

The magnitude of who we are is there to be known. It is here right now. Us, exactly as we are. In this seat, wearing these clothes, with this amount of money, with these relationships, in this job. Exactly as we are. And we know this. Deep within we know it. 

There is nothing to do. Nowhere to get to. 

Only ever one box to tick.

Do you know who you are? 

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