How to turn your life into a creative masterpiece

Written by Clare Dimond

May 16, 2016


I’ve never thought of myself as creative. My four year old draws better than me. I got a fail in my needlework O’level. My cooking repertoire has reduced itself down to macaroni cheese.

And yet I am realising now, thanks to Michael Neill and the Super Coach Academy, that I am creating all the time.

We all are.

And when we really understand our creative power and know where it comes from we can use it to turn our life into a masterpiece.

Know that we are creating the whole time.

A stream of thoughts flows through our minds. Which ones do we believe and act on? Whichever ones we choose are the ones that create our reality. We literally create our reality thought by thought. We can’t help it. This is how we have been designed.

According to whichever thoughts we believe, we subsequently create the meaning of everything around us – the people, events, circumstances and especially ourselves. We think that there is an objective reality out there that we perceive and that we have no role in creating it. The opposite is true.

Put your whole self in. Your whole self out.

The wonderful paradox of all this is that what we create has nothing and everything to do with us.

It has nothing to do with us because we are part of an infinite intelligence over which we have no control. We can’t control which thoughts come into our mind. We can’t control what comes to us in the form of intuition, inspiration and insight. We have no say in that.

It has everything to do with us because we have the choice of deciding what we believe and what we act on. If we believe and act on the thoughts that create feelings of stress, annoyance or anxiety then this is the world we are create for ourselves.

However, if we wait for those thoughts to move through (which they will because that is the nature of thought) and we look out for the thoughts that bring with them the feelings of joy, expansiveness, freedom and possibility then we will creating our world from the place of our highest consciousness, from the deepest intelligence. From this place we will create a masterpiece.

And because that creation comes through us it will be unique, individual and reflective of who we are. Ours in every way. Not ours in every way.

Everything and nothing to do with us.










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