The Re-Discovery Programme:


Understand who you really are.

If you feel that life is passing you by somewhat or that you are not living as fully as you could or that you have lost touch with your ability to flourish, that you no longer know who you really are, then this is the programme for you.

In this three month programme we will explore the truth beyond our very limited idea of self. All the beliefs and thoughts about our identity, needs, personality, insecurities are only ever that – beliefs and thoughts that change all the time.

Who we really are is the constant, loving, intelligent awareness of experience, feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

There is no end to the richness, fascination and relief as we start to explore this more and more deeply.

The programme lasts 3 months with approximately 4 hours of coaching a month but it can be more or less in line with whatever suits you best.

We can meet face to face, via video or phone call for an hour, a couple of hours or for longer periods.

We will work out the best way to do this for you requirements and your schedule.

I only work with a small number of people at a time to ensure you have the full attention you deserve.

The cost of this programme is £1500 for three months.

It is nearly two years since I first met the lovely Clare, I am so delighted that our paths crossed. How to describe what she has done for me, she says “nothing” I say everything.

From the outside my life is much the same as ever it was, it is inside where there has been, (and continues to be )change , wonderful, unbelievable change. Life is calmer, quieter and yet I am doing more and am less tired.

I never had enough time, now I have plenty and yet never look at a clock. I am living the life I always thought eluded me, I look forward to “problems” I have space within me yet I KNOW more wisely.

Ahh yes, if you’ve not yet met Clare this is hard for you to grasp this.

I’ll try to explain more clearly, I was doing well in life, I’d had a divorce and not spoken to my ex-husband (the father of my children) for ten years…too painful.

My younger daughter, I could ‘t see past her tattoos and so we barely had a relationship.

My job, well I wasn’t paid enough and it was boring. My in laws hated me. And the big one, my older daughter had died of cancer two years previously.

BUT I was ok.

And I really was, but now from this new place …..I’m still me but my experience of me is so much easier, happier more fun.

Also, I now have coffee with my ex husband and enjoy seeing him, my younger daughter and I have a loving relationship that grows daily.

My in laws don’t hate me. I think you get the idea. Kim,my older daughter is obviously not here but she is so much more “with me” now than she had been over the previous two years.

All this through talking to, laughing and crying with Clare.

Thanks Clare you are a star in my sky!

Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

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