Nick and Clare’s Springboard

Full month programme, March 2018

What is the one outcome that if you achieved it, perhaps taking action on a consistent basis, would have the biggest positive impact on your life, career or finances?

Something you know would be a great idea, but that for one reason or another you haven’t got around to doing?

For many people these go something like this:

  • Something that you know to do deep down, but for whatever reason you’re not doing…
  • Something you had the idea of doing but you’re not sure how it would pan out…
  • Something you’d absolutely love to do, but haven’t dared put it to the test until now…
  • Something that you’ve dreamt of doing, perhaps for a while, but maybe doesn’t feel like ‘you’…
  • Something you’ve tried to do, but have failed at previously.

For many people, Spring is often that time of year when we clear out the old stuff we don’t need and create space for something new.

This is the perfect time to get a clearer perspective on what you want, as well as what you don’t want. It’s also a fabulous chance to deepen your understanding of the resilient nature of the mind and see more deeply that you are designed to spring into life.

Each of us have dreams budding that are ready to blossom given half a chance. Throughout the programme we will gain a fresh perspective on what we think slows us down and notice what happens as we realise more clearly that we are the energy of life.

There is an underlying reason why many people have a sense of what to do, but don’t get round to doing it. This is exactly what this programme is about – that and the results we are each capable of achieving as we drop unnecessary mental blockages and gradually get out of our own way more of the time.

What is something that you could do, that if you achieved it would make signing up for this programme a complete no-brainer?

How about a business idea that if you finally got around to setting it up would pay for this course?

What would make this programme worth every second in terms of the relief, the financial return or the amount of over-thinking and procrastination that it would take off your plate?

You’ll know this programme is a good fit for you if:

  • There is something important to you that you have left undone for long enough.
  • You have a sense that you could be living a life that is more ‘on purpose’ that you currently are at present.
  • You have a dream that you now want to make a reality and have no idea where to begin, or would like some help.
  • You have a sense that you are capable of more.
  • You would like to have a fresh look at how you manage your time, energy and money.
  • You are ready to let go of beliefs or habits that have been holding you back up until now.
  • There is room for more peace and joy in your life.

When you join us on the programme you will receive:

A daily email reminding you of the nature of the mind, its capacity to continually bounce back and how we flourish. This is your daily pointer back to what is real and what is important to you.

Access to a group webinar to introduce the new theme of each week (16.00 GMT Sundays)
Week 1: A clearer perspective (4/3 with Nick and Clare)
Week 2: The resilient mind (11/3 with Nick and Clare)
Week 3: What makes you shine? (18/3 with Nick and Clare)
Week 4: The spring board (25/3 with Nick)

Access to two weekly group coaching clinics each week
Wednesdays 19.00-20.00 GMT (7, 14, 21, 28 March)
Fridays 13.30-14.30 GMT (2, 9, 16, 23 March).
These clinic calls are a chance to get a taste of transformative coaching with Nick and Clare. This in itself can be a highly impactful process.

A highly participative Facebook group, and a chance to discuss your latest learnings, insights and discoveries.

Join our Springboard programme and jump with us right into the spirit change and transformation.



Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

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