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Ready to Reset?

We all need a reminder from time to time. This audio series is designed as an on-the-go reminder of how natural and normal it is to have fearful, insecure or stressful thinking and how it has no influence over our resilience, creativity, love and capacity for excellence.

Listen to it when you wake up to start the day in the truth of your experience.

Or have it playing in the car on the way to the big meeting, event, audition or date.

Or use it as a reminder of your creativity if you are feeling bogged down and can’t see your way through.

However you listen in, a reminder of your infinite, unlimited potential is always available.

1 – Reset
2 – Reset (Intro)
3 – Who are you
4 – Weightless
5 – Inner Resolve
6 – From nothing to everything
7 – The end of Stress
8 – Start Afresh


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