Getting Real with Fear, Anxiety, Phobias and Stress




Join us on-line in September for ‘SAFE: getting real with fear, anxiety, phobias and stress’.

A whole month of daily materials, weekly webinars, one to one conversations, posts and chat to explore the nature of fear and its relationship (or not, as the case may be) to reality.

Starts September 1st 2020

Discussing questions such as:

What fear really is
Self-protection – what is being safe-guarded by fear? 
Motivation and fear – why this is unsustainable and insane and what to do about it…
Trauma, PTSD and the body – how can even deep trauma be released? 
Phobias – what keeps them in place and their unexpected resolution
When fears look absolutely real – what is going on there? 
Stress – why it is fear and confusion in disguise and what maintains it
Readiness – what allows fear to dissolve and freedom to be realised?
Spiritual bypass – how to make sure this conversation isn’t simply denying, numbing or hiding from fear 


The course includes a daily module via our online portal with new audio, video and written material from Clare, plus links to material from the best teachers in this area. 


       Weekly group webinar for discussion and question

       Facebook group for sharing and collaboration 

There will be  1 bonus webinar in August for those who have signed up ahead of this webinar: Date: 31st August 9-10pm UK

Clare’s live programs are excellent – and amazing value!

Based on a topic, they have enough structure to give them focus, and enough flexibility that they aren’t held tightly to that. A richness of learning comes from this.

Clare also uses fresh content every month so it’s never a stale conversation from a previous time, and she responds to the questions and needs coming up in the group.

Incredible to have such a tailored service for a group programme.

Helen Amery

Wild Fig Solutions



                       Here’s what you need to know


Webinars will be on Monday evenings throughout September : 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th 9pm-10pm UK time.
Attendees of the course are invited to set up one to one recorded conversations to explore any aspect in more depth (15 spaces available – first come first serve basis).
The calls will be sent out to the group in September and possibly will form part of the private study version of the course.





There will be a bonus webinars in August for those who have signed up ahead of the webinar: Date: 31st August 9-10pm UK




now £97

  • Daily content
  • Weekly live webinars
  • option to have 1-2-1 time with Clare
  • Access to private Facebook Group