The coaching experience

Written by Clare Dimond

July 10, 2016

drseussquoteOne of the things I love most about my job is hearing when my client transforms a part of their life which seemed absolutely stuck to them.

Every week I have messages from clients telling me that they are now doing things they never thought they would.

They are earning more, getting fit, winning awards, healing difficult relationships, becoming free of phobias, losing dependence on alcohol, talking in public, starting new businesses, moving to their dream house or job, going back to study…

When they thank me for making this possible, I am 100% clear that these breakthroughs have almost nothing to do with me. And that is the really wonderful aspect of coaching.

My only job as a coach is to help people become clear about how they experience life. As they become clearer about what is real and what is made up, they start to really listen to themselves. When they listen, they can hear their own answers. They realise they know in their hearts what they want to do. They have the insights and the great ideas. They make the pivotal decisions. They easily give up the things that don’t serve them.

I’ve written below how this happens. The wonderful part is that as we go through these steps, a clients will come into his or her own space and do things that neither of us could have predicted at the outset.

If I coach you I will…

1. …Help you create a rock solid foundation for everything you go on to do. This foundation is your understanding of how we experience life. As you understand what is real and helpful and what is not, stress will fall away, decisions will be simpler, your innate physical and mental health will shine through, relationships will blossom, your productivity and enjoyment of every aspect of life will increase.

2.  ...Prove that underneath your troubling thoughts you are clear-minded. In our sessions, we will talk about the continual stream of thoughts flowing through our mind and that we have a choice about which thoughts we believe and act from. As you practice turning away from the thoughts that cause stress and anxiety, instead of delving into them, you will see their transience and inconsequence. When you stop living and deciding from a place of stress, you will realise that your true nature is calm, clear, healthy and happy.

3. …Show how you are creating your reality, thought by thought. This realisation changes everything. As you understand that we only ever experience the outside world through what we think about it, you will realise that you are constantly creating the reality around you. We can view the world from a place of stress or a place of love and the two perspectives create totally different experiences of the world and of what is possible for us.

4. …Point you towards the space for insights, intuition, intelligence and ideas that are beyond your wildest dreams. As you let go of the thoughts that were keeping you stuck and as you become aware of how much more there is to you than you believed before, you will become a clear space for new fresh thinking. This thinking brings with it feelings of clarity, expansion, peacefulness. You can trust decisions made from this space. You will start to use this as your guidance and your life will transform.

6. …Show you that you are unique, that only you can do what you do in the way that you do it. You will see that you are essential and at the same time the ideas you receive are beyond your control. This is the wonderful paradox of life. It shows us how important we are and also how we can trust in the knowledge that the right ideas will come to us at the right time. There is nothing we need to do except show up in life with a clear mind. From here, our life unfolds.

As we work through these steps you will increasingly live your life from a place of clarity, love, understanding and possibility. What you go on to do from here is beyond either of us to predict. It has very little to do with us and that is the amazing nature of it all.

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  1. Stuart Newberry

    Brilliant Clare. We have a lot to learn from you!