The inside out multi-millionaires

Written by Clare Dimond

March 26, 2017

Will seeing that we experience the world from the inside out make me a multi-millionaire?

This is a really interesting question because it takes us right into the heart of what we think we want for ourselves and what our wisdom wants for us and the relationship between the two. It is the question of how the formless meets the form.

And money is a good thing to look at because it is real and also not even slightly real.

The way I see it there are two stages that we go through:

Will this understanding make me rich?

Yes. Without any doubt. 100% guaranteed.

Because being rich is the experience of richness. Which comes from the inside. And has zero to do with possessions or bank balances. And when we really see this, we see that our security, our worth, our value and our peace of mind is utterly unrelated to what we earn or what we own and we enter a whole other realm.

We get to this realm by getting real.

Getting real is to spend every single moment of our lives in stunned jaw-dropped awe at the exquisite beauty, abundance and opulence of who we are and what we have. This is what this understanding brings.

Louis CK, the comedian, tells a story of being on a plane the first time they were trialling on-board wifi, He said that the steward announced that the wifi was on and everyone took out their phones to try it out. They were all trying to get into the internet and it turned out not to be working. ‘Oh for f**ks sake’ said the passenger next to Louis, really irritated. Louis said he looked at the man thinking, “You are on a chair. In the middle of the sky. Flying thousands of miles an hour. And you are pissed off because something that didn’t exist until 2 seconds ago isn’t available to you right now…. Why are you not just here speechless in awe?”

Great question. And the only reason we are not constantly living from this state of awe is because sometimes our state of mind dips, thoughts flow through our mind of how this moment should be different in some way and we believe them.

And when we truly see our thoughts for what they are then made up comparisons to a rosier future, better-off people or more desirable moments falls away and we are just here right now, seeing with clear eyes, listening with true ears, experiencing the miracle with every cell of our bodies.

In these moments of absolute clarity, we go beyond appreciation, beyond marvel to some other place where we are everything, we have everything.

To say we are rich in these moments doesn’t quite do it justice.  But for arguments sake, let’s say we are rich.


Will this understanding make me a multi-millionaire?

So now we know we are rich and that any experience of not being rich is just the ebb and flow of thought and nothing to do with changing circumstances.

The question is what now?

Michael Neill talks of how, as people deepen their understanding of the inside out nature of life, it sometimes happens that they initially earn less, put on weight and stop buying new clothes. This, he explains is because, previously their drive to earn money, stay in shape and look smart came from what they believed about the outside world. They believed they had to be a certain way to be respected, attractive or loved. As they start seeing the illusion of this, their drive falls away.

And the absolutely personal question for each of us is what happens when the illusion is revealed for what it is? What can each of us alone hear when we aren’t listening to the noise of our insecure thinking?

We hear what makes sense for us. We hear inspiration and fresh thought. We hear ideas that excite, suggestions of things to do and create. We hear our wisdom.

So the answer to the question ‘will this make me a multi-millionaire?’ is:

Yes – if that is where your wisdom is sending you.

No – if that is not where your wisdom is sending you.

It’s that simple. And it won’t matter even slightly.

The experience and knowledge of being abundantly, extravagantly rich, right now, exactly as we are, frees us up to see really clearly what we want to do, what we want to create, what else we want to experience and what we want to have.  All from this place of knowing we have everything.

It is the same in all aspects of life. From the abundance and the certainty, comes the clear, simple reality.

The experience and knowledge of innate health frees us up to investigate a pain.

The experience and knowledge of being complete frees us up to ask someone out or to start a family.

The experience and knowledge of our infinite creativity frees us up to begin and complete one project.

The experience and knowledge of our unlimited potential frees us up to chose one path.

Now we are coming from the inside 100%. We have dropped all the meaning we used to have about money and the future. Now we are listening in to what is going on on the inside. An inspiration to offer a service. A nudge to charge more for a project. An idea to invest. And all of it comes with a settled, natural feeling of this makes sense to do. And the world responds accordingly of course, because in the way that we act, speak, explain, ask, suggest we are showing the world ‘this makes sense’.

The enormous difference is that, whereas before, believing that our security, worth and value, our ‘richness’ had to be created, we were on the outside trying to force the conditions on the inside to make money. We would talk about money with clients with a glaringly fake nonchalance. We would hover over every penny, every apparent unfairness. We would suspect the world of cheating us. Our grip would be tight because we believed it all meant so much.

Now we are rich beyond our wildest dreams and the world is our playground. We are sitting on a beach that stretches as far as the eye can see creating sand castles out of the perfectly mouldable sand. We are an artist with as many canvases and paints as we desire. We are planting in paradise with access to the ultimate on-line garden catalogue.

We understand that we can create anything we want. We realise that the world is a treasure trove full of great stuff to experience and that’s what we’re here for.

And this realisation can lead us to: ‘Why would I need money?’

Or it can lead us to: ‘Of course I’m earning millions.’

Or it could lead us to anything in-between.

And it will make so much sense to us, will be so obvious that it will just be a natural, integral part of the ride.

And if we find ourselves not doing or buying the things we are inspired to do or buy because “we can’t afford it right now” (or equally because we haven’t got the time/energy/resources) then we have not yet understood that we are the creative force of the universe. We aren’t inspired to do or have what we cannot do or have. That’s not how it works.

We are designed to revel in the richness of each moment, our infinite potential and in the abundance and magnificence of what we create.

Anything less than that is a misunderstanding.

Rich? Without question.

Multi-millionaire? Over to you.

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  1. Irina

    Absolutely great blog! Enjoyed and savored every word. Remember the day I was coming home after teaching the class, that turned out great, back in Russia. Walking to the bus, being as poor as all teachers in Russia were, I felt so happy, thinking that I was chosen by God to be so happy! More so than Hollywood’s stars, I thought.

    • Clare Dimond

      I just love this comment Irina. I imagine you coming home and thinking that beautiful thought. What a blessing to have that insight. Thank you for sharing it. Love Clare x

  2. Sherry

    Such a great article. I wish all my friends would read this and understand the possibility of happiness right now.

    • Clare Dimond

      thank you Sherry for the great comment xx

  3. Karen Auld

    You have a wonderful gift with words Clare Diamond! I am so enjoying reading your blogs. I imagine to be coached by you must be incredible. You see things so clearly and being the Tour Guide for your clients in this understanding I can only imagine that they have the very best chance with you by their side of waking up to this miracle of life and the freedom this Truth gives us all. Karen x

    • Clare Dimond

      hi dear Karen what a really lovely comment to read. Thank you so very much. I love that phrase ‘Tour Guide’. Thank you so much for taking the time to say this. love Clare x