The New Year Reset

The New Year Reset with Nick Bottini and Clare Dimond

Join us throughout the month of January on our revolutionary New Year Reset programme to help you rediscover the inner resources (resolve, clarity, creativity and more) that will set you up for 2018 and beyond.

Stress loosens its grip on you as you realise the simple truth of the in-built resilience you already have. Willpower becomes irrelevant as you do what makes perfect sense to do, with greater ease and freedom.

The Group New Year Reset

This option includes:

1. Five Webinars Throughout January 2018:

1st January 2018, (19.00 GMT/20.00 CET/14.00 EST): “A Fresh Start” (hosted by Nick Bottini and Clare Dimond)

8th January 2018, (19.00 GMT/20.00 CET/14.00 EST): “What Are You Really Capable Of?” (hosted by Nick Bottini)

15th January 2018, (19.00 GMT/20.00 CET/14.00 EST): “When The Going Gets Tough” (hosted by Nick Bottini and Clare Dimond)

22nd January 2018, (19.00 GMT/20.00 CET/14.00 EST): “Your Hidden Super Power” (hosted by Nick Bottini and Clare Dimond)

29th January 2018, (19.00 GMT/20.00 CET/14.00 EST): “Staying in the Game” (hosted by Nick Bottini and Clare Dimond)

Replay recordings of these webinars will be available after each one if you cannot make a particular slot.

2. Daily Reset Reminders

Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the thick of things, so we’ll be supporting you at every step of the way throughout the programme. Each day you’ll get a reminder of the power of the mind, of who you really are and of what you’re truly capable of, either in the form of an audio, video, quotation, contemplation point or blog delivered to you daily by email.

3. The New Year Reset Members Only Facebook Group

Everyone on the Group and Personal New Year Reset programmes will have access to an exclusive Facebook group to share insights, navigate obstacles as they arise and to get support along the way, both from us and from your fellow explorers!

4. The Reset Audio

Professionally recorded audio from Clare Dimond designed to be listened to as you start your day, on journeys, or just for when you need a reminder of who you really are.


(Before December 1st)



(After December 1st)


The Personal New Year Reset

This option includes:

1. The entire Group New Year Reset programme (webinars, daily reset reminders, audio recording, Facebook group)


2. Four weekly personal coaching sessions, two with Nick and two with Clare. Held at mutually agreed times throughout January.

These one-to-one coaching sessions can be used for whatever is most valuable to you – to talk through personal challenges, investigate new possibilities, or to explore more deeply aspects of your experience that would be particularly helpful to you. Sessions take place over video or phone call and recorded for you to keep if you wish.


(Before December 1st)



(After December 1st)