The REAL series

An exploration of the understanding behind freedom, integrity, authenticity and wholeness

Courses and programmes tailored for every budget and availability.

This series is for you if you ever feel:

  • held back in some way
  • unable to express yourself
  • unable to do what you want to do
  • shy, nervous or tongue-tied
  • that you pretend some or all of the time
  • limited, constrained,
  • unsure of who you are and what you want

The free option:

Free master class.

A unique, only available here, free mini-master class exploring the understanding behind freedom, authenticity, integrity and wholeness.

The 5 day option

The toe-in-the-water programme!

This is for you if you are interested in:

  • how our idea of self is created
  • how to live with more freedom
  • how to be true to who you are
  • how to do what you know to do

For just £15 receive a new audio every day for five days. Each audio will prompt reflection on how we can live in freedom, authenticity and integrity.

Price: £15

You will receive:

A 15 minute audio delivered to your inbox every day for 5 days.

Access to the REAL Facebook group.

The  30 day option

The daily inspiration programme.

Over the course of a month, daily prompts, reflections and ideas will encourage you to notice the illusory nature of your limits. Our aim is to see more clearly how thought creates a transient idea of who we are and what we can do. The result will be more freedom, authenticity and integrity as you live more closely to the truth of who you are.

Every day for 30 days you will receive an email with your daily reflection point.

Day 1 will be an audio/video

Day 2 will be an article or blog post

Day 3 will be a reminder quotation from experts past and present.

We’ll keep this pattern through the month for a varied and fascinating journey into who you really are.

Price £95

Access to the REAL Facebook group

This is for you if:

  • you like the idea of receiving a daily prompt, reminder or reflection point
  • you are keen to explore in more depth the powerful role of thought in your life
  • you would like to live more from the intelligence, love and pure potential that is your birthright

The 60 day option

Begins 1 June 2018

Now available for signup!!!

The Master Class and coaching programme

The best way to explore with me how you can live without limits, pretence or barriers. Over the two months, we will explore what it really means to be free, authentic and integral.

Price – £245

This is for you if:

  • you are intrigued to find a fresh perspective on the worries and concerns that get in the way
  • you want to live with more freedom
  • you want to express your ideas with more authenticity
  • you are fed up of pretending
  • you are interested in going deeper into your understanding of who you are
  • you are open to everything you thought about yourself and your limits shifting.
  • you want to discuss your insights and observations in person

Every Saturday for 2 months, you will receive an in-depth video Master Class exploring what it means to have true freedom, integrity and authenticity and how this is possible for all of us.

The following Monday we will join together online to explore what was taught in the Master Class for you personally through coaching and observations. This is the perfect time for questions and reflections.

Every day you will receive an email reflection.

These will be bespoke videos, audios and articles that I have created specifically for this course as well as specially chosen videos, articles, quotes from experts past and present.

(Coaching clinics are Monday 9pm UK time – call is recorded) with time for questions and coaching.

Topics include:

Be yourself! OK – but who am I?

Want to be more authentic?

You are not who you think you are

Why the past has no say in who you are.

What makes you so special?

Why comparison is a dead-end street.

How to get anyone to fall in love with you.

Want more impact? Be less of yourself.

Why ignoring what we think others want is the foundation of brilliant relationships

You are perfect. I’m not just saying that – here’s why.

Join us from 1 June for an in-depth exploration of your most authentic, unlimited and integral self.


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