Local classes and retreats that combine the physical benefits of yoga with the understanding of our innate resilience, well-being and health.

Classes are held in Marlborough on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Retreats are held throughout the year.

Contact me for availability.

The class is very welcoming. I was a total beginner and I felt very safe to try out new stretches

Wonderful classes.

It is exactly what we were looking for in a yoga class.

After the class I have more energy

Loving my yoga – feeling so much more flexible.

I feel so great when I get home.

I love the class and meeting new people over a cup of tea at the end!

Every week I feel like I am getting better.

I feel young again 😉 thank you

Sign me up for the next classes for ever more!!!

I find the breathing exercises make a real difference to calming me down.

I look forward to each Thursday and find the class has a lovely atmosphere.

Clare is a great teacher.

I sleep much better after the class.

Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

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