You are so much more and less important than you think

Written by Clare Dimond

May 12, 2017

I need to tell you this.

You are far less important in this whole thing than you think.

You are also way more important than you could ever possibly imagine.

And the reasons why you are not important and and the reasons why you are vitally important mean life can be a hell of a lot easier than it is right now.

When I really saw the truth of these reasons, it was like an enormous back pack had been taken off my shoulders. I relaxed for the first time in years and in that relaxation my life transformed.

Let me explain.

You are not important because, when it comes down to it, you are simply a channel between an infinite intelligence and the world. You are there for the ideas and fresh thinking and new thought to reach Planet Earth.  Basically you are a human hose pipe. Or a conveyor belt.  Or maybe you’d like a more elegant metaphor? A diamond transporter perhaps?

That is it.

There is no job description. No target plan. You are here to receive and transmit. You can’t affect the supply, format, content, frequency or timing of this inspiration. The ideas will be supplied to you in the perfect way at the perfect moment and all you need to do is create the space for them to appear and do with them whatever you are inspired to do.

That is it.

What a weight off the shoulders that is.

It really has nothing to do with you. You are not in control of all that. You can simply know that these ideas will be fun and expansive and just right. They will blow your mind and take you to places you had never dreamed of. Because of these ideas you will have the time of your life.

But you don’t create the ideas. They come to you.

You are infinitely less important than you think.

But wait…

These ideas that are being supplied to you will be expressed by you in the magnificent, unique, unmatchable way that only you can express them.

No one else can say something in the way that you say it. No one else has your mannerisms, your stance, your accent, your vocabulary, your way of being present. No one else looks like you. No one else has your way of looking at people. No one else can move or be still, make sound or be silent, create or do nothing in the way that you can. No one else can listen like you. No one else has your insight or your intelligence or your thoughts or your way of putting things together. No one else has your experiences, your examples, your way of telling a story or a joke or an observation. No one else can love like you.

No one else is you.

You are the perfect channel for these ideas. The only possible channel in fact. You are perfect.

You are vital to this whole process.

You are way more important than you could possibly imagine.

Without you, this perfect expression could not take place. And the great news is there is nothing you need to do here either.

Because the fact is you cannot not be you.

And the more you let go of the need to be anything in particular or anything different, the more astoundingly, sensationally you you are. And there is nothing more magnificent than you when you are fully you.

The whole thing is free of trying and pretending and manoeuvring and posturing and improving.

You show up. You listen to what comes to you. You express it in the only way you can.


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