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Would you like to understand who you really are?


If you’ve been searching for happiness or peace or joy or security then this might be an exploration that will change all that. 


Stress and anxiety can send us deeper into that search, trying to find ourselves in objects and other people. Or they can be seen as the sign they really are: that we will never secure this idea of self of ours. 


Because who you really are has nothing to do with the thoughts about yourself. And it is all thought. 


With this realisation, you will see beyond the ‘you’ that you have worried about, tried to improve, secure and protect.


Any all that remains is the unconditional love, freedom and peace of true nature. 


The Real Series

An exploration of the understanding behind freedom, integrity, authenticity and wholeness. Courses and programmes tailored for every budget and availability.

This series is for you if you ever feel:


  • held back in some way

  • unable to express yourself

  • unable to do what you want to do



  • shy, nervous or tongue-tied

  • that you pretend some or all of the time

  • limited, constrained,

  • unsure of who you are and what you want


Upcoming Courses

REAL Personal Study Course 

30 days to explore and continue exploring who you really are (for newbies and veterans of this understanding!)

Starts whenever you sign up. 

A daily email with new audio, video and written material from Clare, plus links to material from the best teachers in this area. The course includes past coaching calls with clients and webinars for you to experience the conversation in action. 

Facebook group for sharing and collaboration 

Discussing questions such as:  

  • Who am I really?
  • What is actually real in my world? 
  • Am I this body or am I something else?
  • Am I in control of what I do?  
  • Where do motivation and commitment come from? 
  • What is the basis of all relationships?
  • how do I live with more integrity?
  • How do I stop taking things personally?
  • How do I become peaceful? 
  • How do I stop feeling trapped?
  • How do I live a full life?

Price £45 for the full 30 day programme.



March REAL 30 day live and interactive course

A live and interactive month-long investigation into the nature of the self and reality. An introductory course in non-duality for people who are brand new to this exploration or a refresher course for those wanting a reminder.

Every day you will receive an email with video, audio or written materials from Clare plus links to material from the best teachers in this area.

Every Monday of the course there is a webinar at 9pm UK time for particular topics and all questions to be discussed.

There is also the opportunity to have a recorded one to one conversation with Clare on any aspect of self, other or reality. The conversation will be shared with the others in the group to help everyone’s understanding.

There is a facebook group for sharing, commenting and asking any questions prompted by the materials.

Topics will include:

Who am I?
What is reality?
What are other people?
Who is running the show?
What can I control?
How can I make the right decisions?
How do I find more freedom?
How can I be more peaceful?

Price £167 early bird or £250 full price,
(or £107 loyalty price for those who have already taken part in a month long programme)


REAL: The Book

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