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Hi, I’m Clare Dimond

..and helping businesses, schools and individuals flourish is what I do.

I’ve got a zillion qualifications in human performance and communication from BA psych to post grad journalism to yoga to an MBA to NLP to hypnosis… ….and decades of experience in global marketing and communication consultancy….

But I never felt really at ease until the day I understood how our minds work.

Because, up until then, I thought that stress and anxiety meant that I had to think more to find the solution and to change things in my life to feel OK.

I thought that I had to be a certain way to be successful and to avoid failure. I thought that everything in life came from thinking more and working harder.

I believed it was all on my shoulders, that the buck stopped with me.

This only meant more stress, more anxiety and more worrying.

Then one day, I realised that who I am has nothing to do with the thoughts about myself.

You, like me, will realise this. And when you do, you will see beyond the ‘you’ that you have worried about, tried to improve and protect. Any idea of who you are will disappear as you become a channel for inspiration, for life, for awareness of the miracle of our true nature.

The Real Series

An exploration of the understanding behind freedom, integrity, authenticity and wholeness. Courses and programmes tailored for every budget and availability.

This series is for you if you ever feel:


  • held back in some way

  • unable to express yourself

  • unable to do what you want to do



  • shy, nervous or tongue-tied

  • that you pretend some or all of the time

  • limited, constrained,

  • unsure of who you are and what you want


Upcoming Courses

REAL Personal Study Course 

30 days to explore and continue exploring who you really are (for newbies and veterans of this understanding!)

Starts whenever you sign up. 

A daily email with new audio, video and written material from Clare, plus links to material from the best teachers in this area. The course includes past coaching calls with clients and webinars for you to experience the conversation in action. 

Facebook group for sharing and collaboration 

Discussing questions such as:  

  • Who am I really?
  • What is actually real in my world? 
  • Am I this body or am I something else?
  • Am I in control of what I do?  
  • Where do motivation and commitment come from? 
  • What is the basis of all relationships?
  • how do I live with more integrity?
  • How do I stop taking things personally?
  • How do I become peaceful? 
  • How do I stop feeling trapped?
  • How do I live a full life?

Price £45 for the full 30 day programme.





31 days to explore the reality of helping others deal with life. Starts July 1st 2019

Whether you are planning to become a coach or teacher or have been working in this area for years, this course will take you deeper in your understanding of self, client, impact and success.  We will clear away the misunderstandings of this profession, enabling your work to be a true expression of love and freedom. 

A daily email with new audio, video and written material from Clare, plus links to material from the best teachers in this area. 

Five weekly group webinar for discussion and questions at 9pm UK time on 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 July. All webinars will be recorded and set out the following day. 

Through the month we will explore six key questions

#1: What does it mean to be a parent/coach/teacher/helper?

Seeing who we are beyond role and identity allows concepts to dissolve and unique expression to emerge.

#2: What is the reality of the person?  

We will explore why there is no objective reality of self and other. As understanding of this deepens, we and others align with the freedom, love and peacefulness of true nature

#3:  Do you have to have a perfect life?

Understanding that a perfect life is nothing to do with what you think it is allows you to show up with a fresh authenticity, openness and honesty that changes the whole dynamic

#4:  Is this about controlling experience, emotions, mind set, thought and belief and being a better person?

Let’s see first for ourselves the nature of peace, freedom and joy and the futility of trying to control experience. Then let’s share from that understanding. Otherwise we only create more confusion. 

#5:  Who decides what you say and do?

Why helping others is not on your shoulders. 

We will explore the nature of impact and responsibility and the understanding that creates an open space for true listening and clear speaking. 

#6 : Are you the change you want to see? 

How building your practice, moving out into the world, expressing who you are can be an unstoppable force of understanding.

Price £250 for the full 31 day programme. 

Early bird price £180 before 16 June.


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Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

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