Bespoke Subliminal

I was on a non-duality retreat and the teacher began by standing up and saying ‘There is absolutely no point in your being here.

It doesn’t matter if you come to any of the talks. There is nothing whatsoever to be gained. You might as well be outside or in your room.’

There is absolute honesty in this because it is true that there is nothing for the self to be gained in any of these explorations. The search for peace, freedom and joy is obscuring the peace, freedom and joy of the life we are already.

The teacher knew this – hence his words.

 The end of the seeking comes with the realisation that there is nothing to be found, that there is no seeker even.

But until there is that realisation of no self, there is suffering. Often tremendous suffering. Misunderstood suffering that sets up its own vicious circle.  Even though ‘nothing is happening to no one’, the experience of being an individual can create intense despair, depression, hopelessness, conflict and anxiety.

So how to address the suffering that comes with the insecurity of believing ourselves to be a separate individual without continuing the wild goose chase to secure that non-existent individuality? Many teachers would say we don’t need to, that it is not real, there is no one suffering and that any attempt to alleviate the suffering is only reinforcing the ego-self.

It seems to me though that there are ways – many ways – in which the realisation of true nature and, with that, a dramatic reduction in how suffering is misunderstood  – can be brought about without creating more confusion.


 A subliminal recording that speaks to the truth of what we are seems to be one of the most powerful ways. These recordings consist of an audible sound (such as rain, waves or relaxing music) and just below the audible level are messages written specifically to talk to what is true, to point directly to what is there beneath the beliefs, thoughts and concepts. 


The results from these recordings seems to verge on magical. The response from the hundreds of people that I have created recordings for has been astounding. The combination of a subliminal recording to reach directly into the deepest knowing of our being with conversations that allow the mind to settle, to become curious, open and fluid instead of fixed in its own projections seems incredibly powerful.

It can mark a turning point in which the drive to secure the self is calmed. The mind, instead of getting lost in illusion, settles into its creative power.

The subliminals are absolutely works of art, created with such love.

I so appreciate everything that has gone in to their creation – wholly bespoke subliminal messages, with our own lives as the source material, overlayed with our own choice of nature soundtrack.

Truly amazing!

I imagine there will come a time when their work is done, when what was appearing real dissolves.

Who knows how it happens and even when, but I will treasure their creation and their mysterious workings for ever.

Su Bray

If you would like a recording I would send you a questionnaire for you to fill in. You don’t have to answer all the questions but the more detail you provide the more tailored I can make the language and content of the subliminal.

From your answers I will write 30-40 statements that point to the absolute and infinite truth beneath the beliefs and defences. I will use your language style, words and references so that the statements are completely resonant with your experience.

My background is in psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, clean language, communication and hypnotism and all of this experience and study is used in the creation of the statements so that they are absolutely direct, clean, powerful and integral.

These statements will then be layered multiple times at a subliminal level beneath an audio recording of your choice.

The recording will last an hour which you can play on repeat for as long as you wish.



Each subliminal recording costs £397 and will take about a week to deliver once you have completed the questionnaire.

To find our more or to order your recording please email