I just know.

Written by Clare Dimond

April 21, 2016


A client has booked coaching because he is wrestling with the big decision of whether to leave corporate life or to follow his dream job.

Before joining the Super Coach Academy, I would have prepared all sorts of pros and cons templates, life wheels, impact analysis for him. We would have spent hours working through the reasons, the benefits, the risks, the impact. In other words, to all of his thinking, we would have added a whole ton of more thinking. We would be up to our necks in thinking: trying to compare and quantify thinking that changes minute by minute, trying to predict a future that doesn’t exist and to pin down the mirages of fulfilment and security.

And out of that what emerges? Only more thinking.

Now I’m doing no preparation at all.

My only job with this dear man is to go on the thrilling adventure with him to the place where there is no decision to be made.

My job is to be with him with a quiet mind. Because that will help his mind become quiet. With a quiet mind he will see that the black and white options he is creating of a wealthy and unfulfilling corporate career vs doing what he loves and returning to his cardboard box home under a bridge are simply illusions.

With a quiet mind he will realise that he knows himself, he knows deep down what is right for him, right now with nothing attached to it, no outcome to prove, no illusory security or success to chase. Just a simple, clear step to take that will lead who knows where.

This week I’ve been exploring that deep knowledge with my clients

How did you know you wanted French doors out into the garden when you were renovating your house?

How did you know going part time is the right thing for you to do right now?

How do you know you want to create?

They all look at me and shrug as though why is she asking  such a ridiculous question.

“I just know”.

“How?” I ask.

“I just know.” they shout “Now can we please move on to this life or death dilemma I have?”

My job as a coach is simply to point out the thinking that is in the way and how this understanding can reveal a wisdom that makes everything so simple, easy and obvious that no decision is even there to be made.



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