I’m sitting here in a room listening to a recovered addict and someone who has contemplated suicide. They are filling the room with light.

Many of us fumble our way through the darkness and use the few seconds of a struck match to watch shadows turn into monsters. Michael Neill and Steve Chandler created their own torches to find their way through the caves. Their torches showed them what was always there and what had never been there.

They brought this knowledge up to the fresh air of the surface and turned it into the laser beams and search lights of their writing and teachings.

They are two people of thousands who are blazing the trail of a profound change in the collective and the individual understanding of the experience of life. Sitting in a room with any of these people you feel the radiance of their presence.

This radiance of presence can only come from a lightness of being. And this lightness of being is uncontainable.  It shows up in weightless creativity. In levity and humour. In freedom of expression. In the buoyancy of unsinkable resilience.  In the sparkling, joyful awareness of the whole made up nature of it all.  It shows up in how lightly they treat obstacles and how loving they are with the people who believe they are stuck.

And this radiance and this lightness of being are energised, ultimately, by truthfulness. From a place of truth,  impact, creativity, scale and influence elevate and illuminate the collective human spirit. From a place of misunderstanding, they do the opposite.

The truth lies in these realisations:

That we are creative energy
Our life comes from us. We are the generator of everything we see, hear and experience. As Michael Neill says, ‘We are the creative force of the whole entire f*****g universe’.  The slightest shift in that understanding and a completely different life appears around us. Knowing that we can create, destroy, re-create gives a lightness to everything we do and an enormous significance to the place from which we create or destroy.

That every moment is a dance
In any moment we are dancing between the personal and the universal, the human and the spiritual, the truth and the illusion, the knowing for sure and the making up. The nature of the dance changes all the time – a jitterbug, a waltz, a tango or even head banging to ACDC in the mosh pit. No matter how serious it seems, how much it seems like Real Life, it is never more than allowing ourselves to move, whether with graceful elegance or with two left feet, to the tune in our head.

That we can only work with what we see and that is more than enough
No matter how bright the spotlight, it will never illuminate what is going on back stage, We don’t know who is producing this show or bank rolling it. We just know that, if we want it,  the lead role is ours. And if we take this role, there is a performance (which we can fully rely on the director to coax from us) which will change our lives forever.

That translucency is more real than solid form
We look around us into a world of form and we see it as real, as something to react to. Yet the truth is never in the form because the meaning we give to the form, indeed whether we even notice it or not shifts and slides like the shadows of birds overhead. The truth is in the translucency. In the discovery that the knowing what to do, say, write, create comes from beyond us and through us. There is a truth in this knowing, insight and inspiration that cannot be found in form. And in turn our own shifting form becomes nothing but a projector of clearest light.




Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

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