If you knew that everything you wanted was made up, what would you want?

Written by Clare Dimond

August 31, 2017

The music comes on and the three year olds start dancing. Jumping and twirling and laughing and bouncing and falling around. They can’t help it. Because music is playing.

As a coach from the inside out understanding I spend my time pointing my clients towards the fact that our reality is created moment by moment through the universal power of Thought.

The crazy thing is that the more we see that everything in our lives is made up, the more clarity and freedom we have to create, do and have anything.

This leads us to the question though: if we realise it is all made up why would we bother doing, creating or having anything?

For me this is the only question that ever matters.

Let’s imagine my wish list was: to be a billionaire, super fit, super coach with perfect kids, great hair and a house by the sea. (Randomly plucked out of thin air purely for example’s sake obviously.)

Let’s consider this wish list. Maybe it’s a bit similar to yours. Or maybe you’d like a record contract. Or to play in the World Cup. Or world peace. Or a private plane. Or a date with… Whatever. You get the idea.

There are two truths about that list and in those truths lie the secret to the heart’s desire of every single individual on the planet.

The first truth is that every single thing I am thinking about anything in my wish list is made up by thought in the moment.

What it means to have a billion pounds is made up. What it means to be super fit is made up. What it means to be a super coach is made up. What it takes for me to see my children as perfect is made up. What it means to have a house by the sea is made up. Apart from great hair. Because great hair is… what? oh… you’re right… that’s made up too…

It’s all made up. From moment to moment my thoughts can create an experience of a burden, an asset, a source of pride or shame, a gift or a hassle, a reason to live, a reason to kill myself, something to have at all costs, something to escape from…

As a result of my thoughts in that moment I will be happy, sad, anxious, relived, calm, hassled…

It will look like these feelings are caused by what I have done, what I own, what is out there but they never are.

So the second truth is that my happiness, my security, my self worth has zero to do with what I do, where I live, what I own, what is happening in the world, who I know, what my hair looks like.

This means I can drop my entire wish list. I can see that my life will not be better, I will not be permanently happy or fulfilled or not anxious as a result. And just to put the final full stop on this argument, I can also see that because it is all made up the achieving of any of it is literally impossible.

And often what happens when people see this is that their motivation, logically, falls through the floor. Well if it’s not going to make me happy then what’s the point? If it’s not going to stop me worrying then why would I bother? If i don’t need to prove myself, then… We stop. Everything we were doing out of a need to validate ourselves or impress or create security or do what we thought was expected of us loses all interest.

At this point we have a foundation of clarity. We are living in actual reality. We see the madness of trying to change a world made up of thought in order that our thoughts be more peaceful. We realise that thoughts and feelings come and go, that we are secure and fine exactly as we are.

And we could stay here in this peaceful soup of ours (nb not pea soup. That’s a whole other thing). My dear friend and colleague Liz Scott described this as the warm bath. We know our thoughts create our reality so we can just stay here peaceful, warm, cozy, soft, in love with the world, not needing ever to do anything.

We are an empty space.

The noise of our thinking dissipates. Our mind becomes very very quiet.

And in that quiet, we can hear the eternal private sound of universal soul made personal. It gently cups its hands around our ear and says…

‘Why are you just sitting there? Get up. Come on. There is stuff to do.’

Our soul is very direct you see. And very in touch with the world. Our soul sees it all, every detail, laid out like a earthly smorgasbord. It notices every colour and taste and texture, every mountain and valley. It is hungry. It wants dessert before the main course. It is a kid in a fairground. It wants to explore and find out. It wants to play. It wants to see itself reflected in every rain shower, every water fall, every tear. It has things to say, stuff to do, countries and books and ideas to investigate. It is here to merge with every other soul in conversation, laughter, passion, love. This is its chance. It is on earth for a reason.

It has no time for the nonsense of pretending you are somehow less than the extraordinarily magnificent being that you really are. It can’t be bothered with the illusion that you are separate from all those other souls out there. It rolls its eyes at the idea that you are limited or vulnerable. It needs you in the truth of reality. In your full power. Right now. There is stuff to do.

Some of this soul talk is a no-brainer. We simply find ourselves drinking a glass of water or climbing into bed or waking up or saying the right thing or moving to a country that is perfect.

Some of it may just seem immediately like the coolest thing in the world. This is the ‘hell yeah’ that Steve Chandler describes. It is different for all of us. It comes with an ‘obviously!’ or a ‘who wouldn’t?’ A whole mind and body moving towards that which makes the simplest, most beautiful sense, knowing that none of it means anything. Of course I’ll live in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere / a studio in the centre of New York. Of course I’ll be a musician / a writer / a mountaineer / a teacher / an entrepreneur. Of course I have billions of pounds / no personal money.

Some of it though is an idea that directly challenges the beliefs we had thought we had seen through but hadn’t. An idea to do a talk or write a paper or record a video might be terrifying. A whisper to apologise to a friend may challenge our pride so much as to seem impossible. A thought to travel beyond our comfort zone or exhibit our paintings or express our love for someone might shake us to the core. A prompt to take a stand for what we believe might seem dangerous.

Once the idea has come, the only thing in its way is what we are thinking about ourselves or the world or other people at any one moment. And we’ve seen through all that remember? Remember that beautiful pea soup? The thinking is not reality. Even life and death is thought, the eternal soul knows this. It is always thought.

There is not a single reason why we would not act on what deep down we know to do.

The music comes on and the three year olds start dancing. Jumping and twirling and laughing and bouncing and falling around. They can’t help it. Because music is playing.

Life is spread out before you. Ideas appear of how to immerse yourself in that life.

Say yes to your soul.

It only has this one chance in that beautiful, able, miraculous body of yours, with those unique gifts of yours, that way of talking or listening or laughing or singing or writing or leading or creating or moving that only you have.

Its moment is here.

The music is playing….


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