Life, aliveness, life-force & energy

What makes this so remarkable and astonishing, is that when we think of what we are, we completely disregard ‘life’, don’t we?

We think that we are a doer, a decider. We think we are the content of beliefs and experience. We think that we are everything we identity with – jobs, relationships, earnings, roles, health…

But what would any of this be without life that is animating this form?  Without life, I would not exist in the form that I exist currently.  So every single, every single aspect of this form, of all of these beliefs, of all of these thoughts, of all of this experience of the appearance of all other people, all other situations and circumstances, all of it is 100% dependent on the Aliveness that brings it into existence, that animates it.

It is so startling how the mind, how the identity, the self idea, believes it is something real and that it is something that exists independently of life, that somehow the identity itself really is the life giver.  And so of course, the mind gets lost in that, that belief structure.  And it completely ignores or omits, or forgets, that without the Aliveness of being… nothing.

All we are, can be is aliveness.  And life cannot be known or understood. It is prior to understanding. Prior to mind. Prior to brain.

It cannot be isolated out of the form because without the form, even though it is all there is, it’s not observable in any way.

It is only in the form that the life-force, this invisible, infinite, absolute can be perceived. It can’t be described in any way. There is no relativity to it. No comparison. It’s life.

So Aliveness defies conceptualisation.  Yet it’s known.  Yet it’s known that that is what we are.

So what is life?

All we know is that when it leaves the form, that form in that particular expression is no more.  When my father died, my Mum was with him and said afterwards “It was as though from one moment to the next he was there and not there.’  And yet, the body was identical from one moment to the next.  Nothing had changed really.  And yet, the movement of life out of that form was completely obvious.  He was no longer there.  My father was not the body, which was still there on the bed. He was the life that had moved out of that body.

The life-force moves out of the human form and then in comes billions of other forms, all equally animated by this same life-force, powered by this same life-force that will decompose the body, but the life that was powering the human form in total is no longer there.

One moment we’re there, animated form and then the next moment, we’re gone but only because the life that was animating has gone.

We are the animating force.  We are this energetic, indefinable, absolute, infinite… what word do we use..? Force…?  Power…?   Energy…?  It defies all description.

It cannot be described but there is so much that can fall away. If what we are is aliveness, then any belief in separation and difference must go, any belief in transience and objectivity.

And attention can shift to the life in the form, which is what we are. Speaking, listening, all of it happening, because of this animating force.  And the enormity of that is that it shifts the mind, the system into reality.  Because all of it – everything the mind creates, the whole narrative, the stories, the resistance, the projection, even all memories – are wholly dependent on this force to be in existence.  Entirely transient and insubstantial.  The fraction of a blink of an eye. The pulse of a neuron. Imperceptible in this infinite, absolute, never-ending, indefinable force that we really are.







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