Look me in the eye

Written by Clare Dimond

October 4, 2017

Look me in the eye.

That was what our Mum used to say when all the biscuits had been eaten and my sister and I, crumbs around our faces, would be looking off to the side in casual innocence.

And we wouldn’t be able to. Looking her in the eye would mean that it would be impossible to lie to her. Even if we could avoid confessing we knew that she would take one look into our eyes and know.

And that is what this blog is about. Looking ourself in the eye. Because why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we want to know what is really happening, who we really are, what is actually true?

Coming into reality

When we look something in the eye, we see it for what it is. We come into reality. And this is the most useful thing we can ever do.

Because what is actually going on is mind blowingly awesome. When we look ourself in the eye, really see ourself for who or what we are, everything that isn’t true dissolves. All those beliefs and thoughts that change from one minute to the next are seen to be as transient and insubstantial as passing clouds.

We see that who we are is no more and no less than unlimited creative intelligence continually moving out into the world through human form.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the hugeness of this.

We are not an identity, we are not the belief in who we are, we are not the thoughts or the feelings or the memories or the assumptions or the desires, we are not the achievements or the failures or the things said or unsaid. We are not even the form of the body itself. How can we be when that form is always in flux, always changing?

If there is anything permanent or reliable about us at all, it is that we are the constant source of intelligence. We are the intelligence itself. And the intelligence uses the form of thought, appearing in the form of a body as the very first step in creation.

Through this human form, the intelligence that we are creates buildings, rage, elation, jealousy, paintings, businesses, music, arguments, conversation, mass shootings, hospitals, novels, dinner, bike rides, cruise ships, weapons, operas, wars, rock concerts…

The human capacity for shaping creative power into magnificent works of towering genius is unlimited and awe-inspiring. Everything we love that was created by a human (including all other humans!) began first as a thought.

It is also this capacity for creative thought that produces every problem we will ever have and every feeling of fear, anxiety or anger we will ever experience.

Creative thought brings masterpieces into our world that are so inspiring, so beautiful that they move us to tears, to become peaceful, to love, to forgive.

Creative thought brings sufferings into our world that are so intolerable we can be driven to kill either ourselves or another in an attempt to escape them.

We are designed so that all of it is possible. As we see over and over again in the news and in our lives there is no safety catch on humans that make it impossible for us to kill, wound, damage, destroy, insult, bully ourselves or others. And our capacity for creation means that we create vibrant, detailed, crystal clear reasons why these acts are justified, necessary even.

This is the reality of who we are. Unlimited creative intelligence moving out into the world through human form with no restriction whatsoever on what we create whether in our head or in the world.

And what is created through us depends only on how clearly we understand the truth of this. Because with each glimmer of insight everything starts to change.

There is no understanding that is more important for us to grasp than this one. There is nothing more fundamental to the future of human kind or to the planet.

There are a few things in life that we shouldn’t look directly at. A silver back gorilla or the solar eclipse perhaps.

But who we are? How we create our experience? What we are capable of? What is true?

Look that right in the eye.

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