What has the end of stress got to do with learning to play the violin?

What has learning to play the violin got to do with being able to read books that before seemed too hard?

What has reading three books a week got to do with having much much more fun?

What has having much more fun got to do with having more clients?

What has having more clients got to do with no longer worrying about being scared?

The answer is everything.

All of these changes and many more have come into my life since January. All of them are a direct result of having a quieter mind. And the quieter mind has come as a direct result of understanding how our mind works (thanks to Michael Neill and the Super Coach Academy).

And this understanding is all it takes for a person’s experience of life to completely and utterly transform.

We experience life through our thoughts. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week there  is a stream of thoughts running through our minds.

Often we believe those thoughts.

The thoughts we believe might be a stressful.

They might be something like – I am lonely or I don’t have enough money or I am not successful enough or I said the wrong thing. So we try to fix the problem. Our mind starts to stress about how we have to find friends or earn more or study more or be more sensitive. We get more stressed. More thoughts come in about friends we have lost or homelessness or how we aren’t clever enough or all the ways we offend people. Stressful thought upon stressful thought upon stressful thought.

Transformation is knowing that in that pile of stressful stale thoughts there is no solution, no fresh thinking, no inspiration. Transformation is knowing that we can let the stressful thoughts pass because when we do we create the space for something great to occur to us. Transformation is living life in this creative space.

That is the simplicity of these principles.

  1. We experience life through the creative power of Thought.
  2. We have the gift of Consciousness that helps us realise this.
  3. When we allow the system to work in the way it is designed to, we make space for Mind or inspiration and we can create whatever we want.

This is the foundation to live the rest of our lives in the certainty of our own innate well-being, health and resourcefulness.

We live in the knowledge that whatever happens in our life we will have access to a fresh thought about what to do. With this we need never fear, sadness, grief, disappointment or anger because we know that these will pass through of their own accord.

The space this understanding creates changes everything. We have more time, patience, grace, understanding, joy, freedom, purpose, love, health…

After this year, I know without any question what transformation really means. I have never experienced anything like it before.







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Start Here with the Two Realisations That Make All the Difference

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