Why EVERYONE needs a Transformative Coach

Written by Clare Dimond

September 13, 2016


I have just graduated as a Transformative Coach and I have been fascinated to hear one distinct message come through over and over again during the months of workshops, master classes, coaching sessions and pod calls:  EVERYONE has EVERYTHING they need to live their life to the full.

In other words…

EVERYONE has access to innate wisdom and well-being which is the foundation for the most joyful, creative and loving existence.

EVERYONE has the power of thought and the ability to use this power to create whatever they want to.

EVERYONE has the capacity to live in this wisdom and creative power and to let go of the thoughts that keep them stuck and insecure.

We have all this already. So why does anyone need a Transformative Coach?

The answer is simple.

To remind us.

We forget that we have all of this. Sometimes we have forgotten for so long it seems well-being, wealth, joy and peace of mind are things that we will always be denied.

Yet we knew who we really were when we were children. We all did. We knew we were born to connect lovingly with other beings. We knew we were born to discover, explore and build with joy and freedom.

And over time we can forget this. We start thinking that we do not have what we need or that our circumstances are so hard that we cannot see beyond them.

And this is simply not true. For anyone.

This is why EVERYONE (even Transformative Coaches themselves) benefits so enormously from having his or her own coach.

Occasionally or every day or every week or every month, we ALL need someone to…

…Remind us of the power of our thinking. How it is the dynamic filter through which we perceive, understand and create our world.

…Remind us that when we believe stressful things about ourself or the world that there is a way to come home to the truth of who we are.

…Remind us that we are never more than one thought away from living in our true potential, joy and peacefulness.

…Remind us that as we get better at living in our natural state of well-being, creativity and joy we can claim anything we want from the buffet table of life. It is all there waiting for us.

This is why I have a Transformative Coach (Michael Neill, easily one of the best there is) and why the people who have been coaching in this understanding for decades have their own coaches and mentors.

The time we have with these experts in the human experience is an investment that pays back with every insight, every change of perspective, every new opportunity realised and every truth remembered.

We can never put a value on living the life we are designed to live and on remembering who we really are beneath the stressful thoughts and beliefs. Who could ever quantify the impact we will have on families, friends, communities, employees, clients and colleagues when we are living in our full loving potential?

Everyone has everything they need and everyone would benefit from a Transformative Coach who knows the perfect way to remind us of that.

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