Separation anxiety and the right decision

A question that often comes up is ‘How do I have better access to my wisdom?’ or ‘How do I make the right decision?’

We could begin by looking at the factors involved…

There is the body – ‘a universe of 37.2 trillion cells operating in more or less perfect concert’ as Bill Bryson so eloquently describes it. And an estimated 37 billion billion (37 x 21 zeros) reactions taking place every second. And there are other bodies… other humans, plants, animals, insects, microbes with their own structures, cells and processes…

These cells and reactions are animated and orchestrated by Life Intelligence. The observation of them is possible because of Consciousness.

Then there is the human mind and the concept of ourselves as a choosing, doing entity that is separate from all this.

Separate from the life intelligence that creates, animates, calibrates and brings into equilibrium all processes.

Separate from the consciousness in which all experience, all perception, all thought arises.

A mind operating, not in reality and in this moment, the only place of truth – but in the future, in the past, in the imagined thoughts of other people, in concepts that are misunderstood and believed to be real.

This belief in separation is, frankly, terrifying for its beholder. Of course it is. All that is whole, complete, perfect seems to be over there. And ‘I’ have to somehow try to access and secure it.

No wonder the mind is obsessed with making the right decision and accessing wisdom. It thinks that is the way to end this separation anxiety.

But the unrest is caused by the belief in ourselves as separate. And the more we try to make the right decision, the more tangled up the mind becomes in its own projections, beliefs and insecurities.

The behaviours of the body mind will be optimum for whatever reality of self and other is believed in that moment but that is not necessarily actual reality.

In fact, the attempt to end the imaginary separation or the suffering caused by it brings with it all sorts of numbing, distracting, withdrawing and conflict behaviours that actually impedes the perfect orchestration of intelligence in form.

And the belief in separation itself creates a stress and a tension on the physical system that when misunderstood sets up a whole idea of ourselves as ill, lacking and wrong that creates all sorts of false trails to fix.

So instead of getting stuck with the question ‘How do I access my wisdom?’, we see that the question itself is the confusion.

It maintains the illusion of an I that is separate from wisdom.

The only confusion is separation. The only suffering is separation.

Let’s dedicate our lives to the truth of this.

The decisions will take care of themselves.








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  1. Missy

    So succinctly and beautifully put. It resonates deeply. Thank you, Clare.